Why Volunteer?

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Providing love and care to those who have less has always been important to me. My father had the same economic disparities as the people we serve through Global Brigades and I understand the struggle of not having adequate shelter, water, and health care from the stories told by my father. In addition, my faith revolves around loving others and through GB, I have been able to do this abroad. GB NJIT isn't about the students who volunteer, the donors who contribute, or the doctors who serve. It is about the communities in need, who in the end, fill our hearts and serve us more than we could them.

Faustin Arevalo (Panama 2016, Nicaragua 2017, Ghana 2018)


We often tend to enjoy great things in the moment, not knowing whether we will remember them. The memories you'll make here will last a lifetime. I guarantee it.

Tarun Masimukku (Panama 2016, Ghana 2018)


I joined Global Brigades because I saw that this was a perfect opportunity to follow my dream of becoming a doctor and help make a difference in people's lives. In Panama, the one thing that really hit close to home was how grateful everyone was for the work we did. I apologized to everyone who waited so long but they understood completely, saying that they would never be able to do what we did if they were in our position, and the would wait as long as needed. In Nicaragua, I asked the community members if what we do actually makes a difference in their lives or if we just seemed to be a group who comes every once in awhile to give out some medicine. Without any hesitation, the community ensured me that we do much more than that. We act as inspirations not only to the children but to the adults, to motivate them to work together and built a better community. We make unforgettable changes and have a lasting impact on the lives of everyone we encounter. This is why I hope to help even more people during our upcoming trips and making them even greater successes. I cannot wait to go travel again and meet all new people with all new perspectives on life.

Michael Dolegiewitz (Panama 2016, Nicaragua 2017)


Ghana is a beautiful country with even more beautiful people and I feel so fortunate to have been able to serve with Global Brigades there this last March. Our experience was jam packed with life lessons and encounters that will forever stay with me. Of the people that touched my heart the most, were the children. The children I came across were kind, respectful, full of ambition and life. They are the future leaders of this world and I am grateful to have met them and played a small parts in their lives and their health. We were there to teach them and to empower them, but I found myself being the one empowered by them.

Ayeh Khalil (Nicaragua 2017, Ghana 2018)