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Fundraising For Your Brigade: A Guide

Need help fundraising for your trip? You came to the right place! Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Know about Global Brigades and what their mission is so you're prepared when friends and family ask about it. (They'll be more likely to support you and the awesome organization that it is; this website is a great resource!)

  2. Come up with a 1 min summary of why your passionate about going so when people ask it's like a little sales pitch for your trip.

  3. Brainstorm all the communities your a part of (ex. School, church, clubs, sports) to think of people that could potentially support you.

  4. Write up a support email *don't put this off-- the earlier the better*

The support email is one of the major ways you can raise money. Here is a template that you can follow to send to all those people you thought of when brainstorming about the communities you're a part of:

Dear friends and family, For my spring break, I will be going on a service trip to _________ with an international humanitarian organization called Global Brigades!! [Write what you will be doing on the trip and the purpose of it. Express your excitement/passion to go on the trip and what you're looking forward to.] I would love it if you could support me in serving this community in any way! The trip costs ______. I am planning on raising the funds for it by myself, so any contribution is greatly appreciated!! I leave for the trip on _________ and will be returning on ________. (provide donors with as much information as possible) [ I can only accept donations until _______ and deposits of ______are due periodically, so please donate as soon as you can! ] *may apply to your trip, if not ignore this You can donate online at [web link to your donating page].

*give instructions on exactly how to make a payment once they click on the link* If you would like to visit the teams donation page, click here. [Link] IN ADDITION, we are also collecting supplies to bring over with us. If you can provide any of the items on the list below, that would also be greatly appreciated! [list of supplies still needed] For more details about the region we are helping and about the trip, please see the pdf attached below (the pdf powerpoint made by Global Brigades) or give me a call and I would love to tell you more about it. My number is _______. Thank you so much for any support you can provide! Sincerely, __________

Make sure you regularly check your donation page to see who has donated after sending this email out so you can thank them as soon as possible. Once you know who has donated, it's important to keep them updated on how fundraising is going and eventually how the trip went. Even if you don't send a follow up email before the trip, DO NOT FORGET to send an email afterwards of how the trip went to those that did donate. Include pictures, your experience, lessons learned, and anything else you wish to talk about. This is really important because it is very unlikely that they will donate again if you don't send out a follow up email.

Best of luck on your future endeavors :)