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Ghana - Spring 2018

In Ghana, we used the power of education, medical resources and professionals to empower people. More specifically, in the morning, we educated people within the community about general hygiene, the importance of health insurance and the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria. Following this, we set up medical sites in two main communities, Edumafa and Suprodu, and also attended house visits, in which we performed and aided medical professionals in triage, general medical consultation, and optometry consultation. In addition to this, we did pharmaceutical work, in which we organized and delivered medication to patients.

With the intent of aiding people, I also wanted to immerse myself in a rich, diverse and beautiful culture, and learn about the practice, delivery and aid of medical services in a country, such as Ghana. I learned that people in impoverished communities do not need saving, but rather faith in themselves to lead safe and healthy lives. On this trip, I learned that being rich is measured in happiness and your ability to use the resources you have to the best of your abilities. I am forever grateful for the love and knowledge shared during my time in Ghana, and I will take this experience with me forever in regards to my education, my path towards the medical field, and empowering others and myself.