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Being involved in an international development organization allows us to open our eyes and see it what ways we can empower and help our community here, as well as communities across borders. I am so passionate about Global Brigades and I am proud to be a part of such a far-reaching and impactful organization.

Sheryl Jacob

Medical Brigade President


Being on the Global Brigades Executive Board has greatly influences my current and future aspirations. As a duel Masters candidate in Public Health and Physician Assistant, I am working to make meaningful contributions towards global health equality. My Palestinian background and medical work abroad has been a key motivation behind this mission.

Ayeh Khalil


I joined Global Brigades to be inspired. I wanted to be part of a movement in which we empower individuals to lead healthy and sustainable lives, as well as empower myself to be educated on the medical practices and cultures of those all around the world. Learning about what it means to provide medical care, as well as teaching communities about sustaining this care is an honorable and cherished experience that I will never forget. 

Jocelyn Davis

Medical Brigade Volunteer Coordinator

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Patrick Rossidivito

Medical Brigade Secretary


"Abundant Life." If I ever reach to be 90 years old, I desire to look back with integrity. I desire to smile and know that I used my God-given abilities for the empowerment of others. To know that every day I developed myself and those around me. 

Faustin Arevalo

Campus Chair

Medical Vice President

Shivam  Kanbur

Shivam Kanbur

Engineering Brigade President

As an aspiring healthcare provider and person in general, I believe it is important to give a hand to those in need and educate them, so they can apply sustainable solutions to their everyday lives. Inspired by past brigades, I would like to come back to Global Brigades in the future as a healthcare provider

Cassie Ferrara

Engineering Vice President

As an engineering student, I know that all the technical knowledge in the world is meaningless if you don’t have a purpose driving you. My purpose is closing the gap between developed and developing communities, and I joined Global Brigades to make that a reality. Global Brigades has broadened my horizons and allowed me to experience a sense of community and hope that I’ve never seen before and will not soon forget.

When I was a little kid, I would go to Ethiopia with my dad and help small tribes build various facilities and infrastructure such as schools and bridges. Global Brigades was a perfect continuation of this. As an E-Board member, I want to increase the number of people that go on brigades as well as trying to get the Engineering Brigade to visit past communities for their water days

I joined Global Brigades because  I wanted a platform where I could personally impact individuals from third world countries. I loved going on my first brigade because it truly showed me how vast the disparity can be between different types of Nations - between a first world country and third world country. It should be our responsibility as individuals who come from privilege to give back to those who aren't given the tools needed to succeed in life from the start

Local community service is something that I have done for many years now, and to be able to extend that internationally through Global Brigades is an opportunity that I could not pass up.

Christian Eriksson

Engineering Brigade Volunteer Coordinator

Aakash Gosain

Engineering Brigade


Arjun Kumar


I joined Global Brigades for a variety, but its stand out quality, the one that sets it apart from other organizations similar to it, is that it strives to make itself unneeded, and actively pursues conditions which would lead to it own demise. Its model to create self sufficient, fully independent communities resonates with many of qualities I've always attributed to truly altruistic and effective charitable organizations. As has been said for generations, "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for his entire life."

"Leave the world better than how you found it" This could mean going and doing something that impacts thousands, hundreds, tens, or one. Either way every opportunity you get to make the world better you should take. Global Brigades has provided me the opportunity to make an impact on so many people's lives while learning the skills to impact others and further my career. I hope to reach out to more members and encourage them to make an impact on such a large scale.

Rahi Shah

Medical Public Relations 

Aashka Patel

Engineering Public Relations 

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