Meet Our Eboard

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Patrick Rossidivito


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Arjun Kumar 

Shivam  Kanbur

Christian Eriksson

Engineering Brigade President

I joined e-board because I wanted to ensure that the next brigade would go back to our last location in order to help build the water system we designed. This will be my focus going forward for our spring brigade. I look forward to empowering the community by helping them build the system we designed.

Aakaash Gosain

Engineering Brigade


 I am the Engineering Brigade Secretary for the 2020-2021 school year. This year as Secretary, I hope to provide assistance towards other executive board members so that we have a successful year of Global Brigades regardless of the current situation we have been put in. Personally I would like to push towards an online brigade or even a summer brigade.

I joined Global Brigades because I wanted to help an organization that I felt was doing charity work in a sustainable way. Using donations to create relationships and infrastructure that will help a community even after direct support leaves is very impactful I intend to raise money to make the unique opportunities Global Brigades provides affordable to anyone who would want to volunteer their time. 

Avanindra Shaliy


I joined Global Brigades because I want to be a part of the movement towards empowering communities. I really like the holistic approach of not only helping the communities and then leaving, but also making sure that communities can help themselves by using the proper resources provided to them with the help of Global Brigades. Given that this year is going to be online, I want to make sure that GLobal Brigades can still plan for various opportunities to help the communities virtually. 

Saisanjana Vellampalli           

Fundraising Chariperson

Medical Brigade


I had been involved in local community service throughout my time in middle school and high school. When I got to college and I saw the opportunity to extend that service internationally through Global Brigades, it was an opportunity that I could not pass on. As the current Vice President of Medical Brigades, I hope to further foster that same attitude and passion in our members.

Global Brigades distinguished itself to me from other charities with it aggressive pursuit of self-destruction. It strives to eliminate the problems which inspired its own existence. They work to not be needed. It’s an inspiring mode of thought and I’m proud to help lead such an organization

I joined Global Brigades because I wanted to be a part of a club that made a real difference in lives. It's served as such a learning opportunity that I would not have gotten anywhere else. I learned about different cultures, medical procedures, and what it means to work with a community that is empowering itself. I'm so proud that we focus on getting communities the help they need to help themselves. It's not just giving back, it's getting them to a point where they are helping themselves. The communities have the drive and desire, we just assist them to reach their goals. I have met some of my closest friends and respected colleagues through this organization because it is filled with people who are dedicated to doing good but with a humble heart and the willingness to put in hard work. I hope to expand our club and provide everyone this opportunity as Public Relations Chair

I joined Global Brigades because it is an organization truly centered on empowering people and communities. The work the organization does is transformative in nature and leaves a meaningful impact on both the community members and the volunteers. I loved going on my first engineering brigade last year and hope to go on another one. With this year being virtual, I hope to create an engaging environment for the new and returning members

Rahi Shah

Public Relations Chair

Aashka Patel

Event Coordinator